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Find something, even a harness, for your small pet, whether it is for the smallest ones - mouse, gerbil or hamster - to a guinea pig or rat on up to the biggest rabbit. Don't forget your ferret! Clean their cage with the DooBeGone Habitat Cleaning Wipes.
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Want to take your small pet out of their cage and know where they are? Try a harness with attached lease. Four different sizes are available.

Use this chart to buy the best size of run-about ball for your small animal pet.

  • Regular 7" dia. - mice, gerbils and hamsters
  • Giant 11.5" - rats or smaller sized pets
  • Mega 13" - large rats

CAUTION: Exercise balls should "never" be used for a guinea pig, hedgehog, ferret, or chinchilla. It curves their spine in an unnatural way. V
entilation is poor and animals can easily overheat in these balls.

Your ferret or rat would enjoy any one of the tunnels or the roll-about ball.

If your pet's cage smells like urine, try the DooBeGone Habitat Cleaning Wipes. The wipes will remove stains and odors any place your pet has had an accident. They works far better than any powder or enzyme products. (150)