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Dogs love to play by themselves, with other dogs, and with you. Choose from one or more of the dog treat toys and puzzle toys for dogs to encourage physical play and to challenge the mind of your dog. Variety is the spice of life for your favorite buddy. Cats may use some of these toys, too.
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A bored dog will be seen as hyperactive and destructive to his owner and soon that dog is relinquished to a pound. In addition to the proper training, dog treat toys are made to keep your dog entertained for hours and to use their hunting instincts. Some toys are destroyed from within a few minutes to over several days. Others are made to entertain and challenge their minds and are built to last a long time, which are the ones you will find at PetLearningToys.com.

Choose from The Chuckle dog toy with its noise or one of the Buster Cubes they have to move around to get treats. Or try one of the puzzle toys for dogs to challenge their minds.

Dogs are hunters, even that tiniest lap dog. Satisfy that natural instinct by having a different dog treat toy or puzzle toy for your dogs for a different day or time of the week or for different purposes to keep your dog from getting bored. Choose various levels of difficulty to stimulate them mentally. Some can begin as simple as moving a cover and, with adjustments, become more challenging as your dog (or cat) gain proficiency.180

One of their favorite games is tug-of-war which can get rough. Give them a rope to tug all they want without jerking your arm out of your shoulder with the "Tether Tug." (214)